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Owens Corning World Headquarters: Toledo, OH

When Owens Corning built a new headquarters campus in 1996, it sought a flexible, sustainable and high performing building that encouraged collaboration.

Willis Tower: Chicago, IL

Designed just prior to the energy crisis in the 1970s, the tallest building in the western hemisphere still uses many of its original major building systems. Improvements ...

Empire State Building: New York, NY

An American icon is undergoing a $500 million renovation that will create state-of-the-art office space in a historic building while reducing energy use and ...

Lighting Design Alliance: Long Beach, CA

A studio that showcases lighting might not seem to be an obvious choice for a high performance facility. However, this lighting design firm in Long Beach ...

FC Gulf Freeway Office Building: Houston, TX

Energy savings for four similar office buildings in the Houston area started with planting native vegetation on one roof. Designers found that the roof's added insulation ...

EPA Region 8 Headquarters: Denver, CO

This building harnesses the natural resources of Denver's climate. The nine-story atrium provides daylight to the lobby and internal offices, while parabolic sails ...

CMTA Office Building: Louisville, KY

Kentucky engineering firm CMTA designed its new office to function as a laboratory to test new technologies and demonstrate their cost effectiveness to clients.

SOLON SE Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

A photovoltaics manufacturer needed a headquarters building that showcased innovative energy designs. The building's unique prefabricated fa├žade is made of wood ...

Holy Wisdom Monastery: Middleton, WI

The Benedictine Sisters' mission of prayer, hospitality, justice and care for the earth guided the design of energy-efficient systems and selection of sustainable materials ...

A Grander View: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

The main lesson to be learned from A Grander View, headquarters of Enermodal Engineering, is that mechanical systems don't have to be complicated to work.

The Christman Building: Lansing, MI

Adaptive reuse is ideal for older cities that have a large stock of historic buildings. But how much does it cost to design, renovate and operate a repurposed building ...

Great River Energy Headquarters: Maple Grove, MN

Buildings are ecosystems that are unlikely to be perfect as initially constructed. Great River Energy Coop in Minnesota used the Living Design Process to design ...

Cannon Design Regional Offices, Power House: St. Louis, MO

Cannon Design repurposed an 85-year-old steam building in St. Louis for its regional offices by adding two floor plates to what was essentially an empty shell.

California Department of Education HQ - Block 225: Sacramento, CA

The California Department of Education Headquarters, built in 2002, raised the bar for sustainable building practices in California. It is the first state office building ...

Kitsap County Administration Building: Port Orchard, WA

The terraced building steps down with the site's steep grade and incorporates earth sheltering, natural ventilation and daylighting. The thermal mass of the ...

Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park: New York City, NY

Why does one of the greenest skyscrapers in New York City also use more energy than its peers?

25 York Street: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In the competitive world of commercial real estate, why would an owner pursue sustainable design and its increased initial costs?

EcoCommercial Building: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

An estimated 70% of India's building stock required for 2030 has not yet been built. Reducing the energy demands of this future growth can help reduce strain on the country's fossil fuel-reliant infrastructure ...

Rice Fergus Miller Office and Studio: Bremerton, WA

Instead of choosing new construction, Rice Fergus Miller's owners decided to completely renovate an abandoned Sears Automotive Center for the architecture firm's new office and studio space.
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