Twelve | West: Portland, OR

By Peter van der Meulen, AIA, LEED AP, Craig Briscoe, LEED AP BD+C, and Mitchell Dec, LEED AP,|

Twelve I West

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How do you foster vitality and development in an emerging urban neighborhood? The developers of Twelve | West, located in the West End area of Portland, Ore., sought to accomplish these goals with a sustainably focused mixed-use high-rise that offers shopping, dining, office space and apartments in one location. Major contributors to the project’s sustainability include extensive daylighting, efficient underfloor air ventilation with perimeter baseboard heating and passive chilled beams, natural ventilation via operable windows and rainwater reuse. The double LEED Platinum building, which opened in 2009, recorded an annual energy use intensity of 44.9 kBtu/ft2 during its first year of operation.

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22 May 2013 | Lawrence Johnson
This proves that the LEED program has failed to do what it should.  The energy use /sqft is not high but it is high considering the the double LEED Platinum rating and the fact that it is in a place where weather is almost neutral. My home uses about 20,000 BTU/Sqft total my office where I work with about 100 people uses an energy star rated 90+% of 40,380 BTU/SQFT 1968 building 37000 sqft redone. This is in Minot, ND one of the harshest climates in the continental US. These buildings use ground source heat pumped and have energy recovery on all air that leaves the building and we have no LEED rating at all. I see this all the time brag on.
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