Biological and Computational Sciences Facility, PNNL: Richland, WA

By Matthew Longsine, P.E., Member ASHRAE, LEED AP & Chris Hellstern, LEED AP BD+C|

Biological and Computational Sciences Facility, PNNL

Science of Efficiency

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Biological Science Facility (BSF) and Computational Science Facility (CSF) in Richland, Wash., brings scientists from two separate disciplines into one facility, encouraging collaboration. The facility, located above the Columbia River aquifer, uses the river as a heat source/sink, contributing to an annual EUI of 181 kBtu/ft2 • yr. The lab uses 51% less energy than an average lab as defined by the AIA 2030 Reporting Tool. An efficient design increased the percentage of net-to-gross space, allowing for a smaller footprint, which translated to savings in materials and site fill.

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