Malaysia Energy Commission Headquarters: Putrajaya, Malaysia

By TL Chen, P.E., C.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE and Ahmad Izdihar, P.E.|

Malaysia Energy Commission Headquarters

Malaysia’s Green Diamond

The diamond shape of the Malaysia Energy Commission HQ reflects its status as a crown jewel of sustainability in that country. It incorporates self-shading to provide diffuse daylighting and views for occupants, while reducing energy use — a critical consideration in a tropical climate. The Diamond Building is one of the country’s first buildings that goes beyond energy efficiency, incorporating sustainable design and strategies that reduce environmental impact. Examples include graywater recycling and on-site composting. The building uses nearly four times less energy than a typical Malaysia office building.

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02 Oct 2013 | Gersil N. Kay, IESNA, ÅIA/HRC
Very interesting.  There was no mention of what lighting was used.  This discipline is the easiest with which to save energy and increase productivity.
16 Oct 2013 | The Editors
General office lighting is ceiling suspended with electronic ballasts and T5 tubes of 104 lumen/W efficacy. Compact fluorescent downlights are used in the common areas and T5 light fittings are used in the garage.
02 Oct 2013 | Richard L Craig
Congratulations on such a dramatic building.
02 Oct 2013 | Jonathan Coates
The last sentence of your brief of Malaysia's Green Diamond states that the building uses fours times less energy than a typical office building.  I'm not really sure what that means.  Do you mean that it uses 1/4 of the average office building?  If a typical building uses 1 MW, will MGD use 0.25MW.   The way it's stated, 'four times less energy', would mean that MGD would create 3MW.   (1MW *4)-1MW=-3MW.  Just curious.  Either way, it's good stuff.
16 Oct 2013 | The Editors
The sentence should state that the Diamond Building uses one-quarter of the energy used by a typical Malaysian office building.
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