EcoCommercial Building: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

By Ashish Rakheja, Member ASHRAE|

EcoCommercial Building

Adapting to Climate

An estimated 70% of India’s building stock required for 2030 has not yet been built. Reducing the energy demands of this future growth can help reduce strain on the country’s fossil fuel-reliant infrastructure, dependence on imported fuel and greenhouse gas emissions. The net zero EcoCommercial Building sets a benchmark for future sustainable design in India, proving that a building can deliver back to the climate rather than exploiting natural resources. Chilled beams provide radiant cooling that eliminates fan energy, while a zero water discharge system recycles and treats all sewage that is generated on site.

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05 Nov 2013 | William Sanchez Ch
It´s great to know that it is possible produce all electricity without fossil fuel for their requirement and use the chiller beams as a radiant cooling, it means they have the better  of sustainable design, congratulation!
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