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Infection Prevention in Building Management

Infectious diseases continue to be a threat to the health of the population and economy in the United States. Influenza and other respiratory infections are associated with substantial morbidity and mortality in older and younger age populations in the U.S. 1-3 Together, influenza and other respiratory infections cause numerous missed days of work and school and ultimately result in billions of dollars in annual medical costs and losses in employee productivity for business.1,3,4 Gastrointestinal infections, caused by various viral and bacterial pathogens, also impact businesses. Norovirus, a common gastrointestinal infection, has caused numerous outbreaks across the U.S. and has been a consistent concern in the cruise ship industry worldwide.5-8 Outbreaks on cruise ships have also led to millions of dollars in losses because of delayed voyages, lawsuits and overall reductions in business.

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