AHR Expo 2018 Product Preview

Flow Measurement Manager

The AquaCUE® flow measurement manager from Badger Meter (Booth 1937) is an intuitive, cloud-based software platform that provides greater visibility and control over water resources in demanding submetering applications. It delivers a powerful dashboard capability for improving management of water use, including domestic hot and cold water, irrigation systems, recreational use, tenant submetering, HVAC systems and more.


Energy Recovery

AERCO’s (Booth 2131) DirectGen® captures and turns high-pressure steam into clean, usable electrical power ranging from 55 kW to 5MW output. DirectGen® can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial processes (e.g., manufacturing, bottling, molding), commercial buildings with large central steam plants, which includes universities and hospitals, as well as high-pressure natural gas lines.


Energy Recovery Ventilator

The Mustang ERV from dPoint Technologies Inc. (Booth 7947) offers a high-performance polymer membrane energy recovery ventilator (ERV) exchanger that blocks VOCs, CO2 and other gases and contaminants with lower pressure drop, higher latent effectiveness, minimal maintenance and the ability to handle larger air flows than previous generations of fixed plate enthalpy exchangers.


Waste Heat Recovery System

The PIRANHA HC from International Wastewater Systems (Booth 5097) is a self-contained thermal energy recovery system specifically designed to heat and cool multiunit residential, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings with domestic hot water production using wastewater. 


Facility Control Platform

Site Supervisor from Emerson (Booth 5300) is a flexible facility control platform that simplifies everything from refrigeration and lighting to heating and cooling systems, while giving retailers, including supermarkets, C-Stores, pharmacies and mixed retail and commercial building owners better control over their key store systems. 


Heat Recovery Ventilator

Ventacity Systems (Booth 1146) offers the VS1000 RT SBG intelligent, ultra-efficient heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), which optimizes healthy indoor air quality, while minimizing building energy use. It is the first HRV in the world to incorporate the HVAC2 Smart Building Platform™, a cloud-connected with fog computing HVAC management and control system, for one or multiple buildings. 


Radiant Floor Panels

The Heat-Sheet® series of radiant floor panels from Form Solutions (Booth 1142) are designed for slab-on-grade, retrofit and snow-melt applications. Heat-Sheet® panels are easy to handle, resist breakage and eliminate a number of construction steps, which saves valuable time and money on the jobsite. 


Heat Recovery Ventilation

THINBREEZE from Breather Ventilation (Booth 7578) is a flat two-inch thin heat recovery ventilation system that fits within any wall or on any ceiling. The core of Breather Ventilation’s technology is a unique flat countercurrent blower. 

Thermal Energy Storage
IceBank® Energy Storage from CALMAC (Booth 4516) provides energy cost savings by reducing expensive on-peak energy use. Energy Storage also reduces emissions caused by air conditioning and increases the viability of intermittent renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, which helps with net zero design. 

Smart Thermostat
The ecobee4 Pro from ecobee (Booth 4062) is a smart thermostat with a wireless room sensor to help manage hot and cold spots. With built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Services, it’s possible to speak to the thermostat, and it will answer commands. 

Simulation Software
GSS Integrated Energy’s (Booth 3412) Ripple Design Studio offers scalable microgrid simulation software to support the design of renewable and alternative energy generation and storage technologies. The software coordinates the options for distributed electrical and thermal generation, as well as thermal storage, to meet the demands in a development or community scale energy exchange system. Ripple DS can provide multiple performance results to enable design decisions.

Energy Recovery Wheel Cassettes
Airxchange, Inc. (Booth 6520) offers Airxchange energy recovery wheel cassettes, designed from the ground up to enable facility managers and contractors to quickly replace any energy recovery wheel, regardless of the original manufacturer or configuration. 


Solar Support

Green Link’s (Booth 8288) KnuckleHead Solar Supports are designed to accept standard strut framing to create 15° angled structures for solar energy collection. They protect low-slope commercial roofing systems from damage due to movement and excessive dead loads and prevent damage to the PV arrays resulting from wind uplift. 


High Efficiency Air Cooled Chiller

Circlemiser from Geoclima SRL (Booth 7963) is a new range of air cooled water chiller that combines Turbocor technology with unique cylindrical microchannel condensers, increasing the exchange surface by 45% to create an efficient chiller. Circlemiser guarantees up to 15% higher EER compared to regular application of same footprint and capacity, as well as the ability to operate in more extreme ambient conditions. 


Solar Hot Water Collector

The ThermoRay Series solar collectors from SunEarth (Booth 6792) features sleek appearance, high performance, versatility, ease of installation and rugged field-tested durability. The lightweight aluminum sheet, combined with the blue coating, improves their performance. 


Heat Pump

Mayekawa USA-MYCOM (Booth 5098) introduces the updated Natural Refrigerant hot water heat pump using CO2. The heat pump is a water source model, so it can be used as a simultaneous hot water heater and chiller in one compact package. Up to 194°F hot water outlet temperatures are possible at high COP. 

Heat Exchanger
The T25B gasketed plate heat exchanger from Alfa Laval (Booth 5923) features the company’s CurveFlow™ plates, which provide a more uniform flow distribution. The exchanger offers improved pressure performance and heat transfer efficiency for applications where high pressure and close temperature approach are required. Applications include heat recovery installations, pressure breakers in skyscrapers, district cooling energy transfer stations, and free cooling.

Energy Recovery Ventilator
Aldes Canada’s (Booth 1910) new Optimum™ Series brings fresh air into buildings. Optimum™ is designed for projects requiring 800 to 4000 cfm of healthy air. Optimum™ delivers energy efficient comfort: EC motors, AHRI-certified energy recovery, an internal bypass channel for economizer mode and integrated air treatment options to reduce installation time. 

Instantaneous Condensing Water Heater
Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley (Booth 2800) introduces the HiDRA instantaneous condensing water heater. With a firetube design and equipped with the NURO® control system, the HiDRA is available in a 1,000 MBtu model including storage, with smaller versions available later in 2018. 

Solar Air Heating
Conserval Systems’ (Booth 1018) SolarWall® systems are used for space heating in commercial and industrial buildings by providing higher temperature rises (up to 100°F above ambient). 

Building Automation System
Johnson Controls’ (Booth 5349) Metasys® Building Automation System creates intelligent environments by connecting HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems on a single platform to deliver the information building operators need, on any device. Recent enhancements include a new cloud-based optimization tool to help customers get the most out of their building investments, by turning data into actionable information. 


Innovative Products Abound at Expo

For more information about the Winners and Finalists, visit ahrexpo.com/awards-winners-2018.

Innovative HVAC&R products can help save energy, improve productivity, or increase comfort and health. The AHR Expo Innovation Awards honors some of these products, systems and technologies that will be exhibited at the 2018 AHR Expo. Ten category winners and a Product of the Year will be announced at an awards ceremony at the AHR Expo on Tues., Jan. 23, at 1 p.m.

The 10 winners are:

Building Automation
Setra Systems, Inc. 
(Booth 4021), Setra FLEX™ complete room monitoring and control solution
Tools and Instruments
Fluke Corporation (Booth 6549), Fluke T6 Electrical Tester
Emerson (Booth 5300), Copeland Scroll™ two-stage compressor
AquaMotion Inc. (Booth 6816), AquaMotion Aqua-Flash™ under-sink hot water recirculation system
Green Building
Danfoss (Booth 2510), Danfoss Turbocor® TTH/TGH High Lift Compressor
Chemours (Booth 4544), Opteon™ XP44 Refrigerant (R-452A)
Calefactio (Booth 7577), 
The ONE three-in-one expansion tank, air separator and dirt separator
Regal (Booth 4945), Browning® Toolbox Technician® Motor Efficiency Calculator
Indoor Air Quality
Spartan Bioscience (Booth 8175), Spartan ​Legionella Detection System
Triatek (Booth 4344), Stable Vortex® II Fume Hood