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High Performing Buildings is the only building publication that provides architects, facility managers and building owners with measured building performance. More than 70,000 building professionals subscribe. All ASHRAE Members who do not receive a print subscription are provided a digital edition of each HPB issue.

HPB offers unique opportunities to reach the most valuable readership for sustainable buildings through its website, award-winning magazine and special sponsorship opportunities.

The following information is your integrated marketing guide available for downloading:

2020 HPB Media Kit
HPB connects architects, designers, engineers and owners with today’s best buildings. Case studies written by the people in charge of projects show how today’s best buildings perform with efficiency and  sustainability. Offered opportunities include print, digital, website, newsletter and webinar channels to reach your customers.

2019 HPB Editorial and Reader Profile
2019 HPB Rate Card and Market Profile

If you would like to receive the print versions of any materials or have questions, please contact the sales representative in your area or Greg Martin at, 678-539-1174.

List Rental Opportunities to Reach HPB Readers

Renting a mailing list is an effective tool for communicating with HPB readers.

Multiple selections and regular updates allow for selecting an exact target audience and maximized response rates. For more information, counts or to place an order, contact INFOCUS Marketing at 800.708.5478, or view list details online. HPB offers a 20% discount on list rentals to companies advertising in print and online.

Build a Customized Program

Build a comprehensive campaign with frequency discounts with HPB Magazine, HPB’s website and by person-to-person contact through HPB conferences. Sales representatives can create a customized program to meet your budget(s) and maximize your reach to decision-makers through print, digital and in-person media.

High Performing Buildings advertising staff is also available to provide you with assistance. The complete list of sales representatives can be accessed here. For general inquiries, please contact:

Greg Martin, Manager of Advertising Sales for ASHRAE Media
Direct Telephone: 678-539-1174
Direct Fax: 678-539-2174

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