Airtightness Testing


Efforts to make commercial buildings more energy efficient in the US has only recently been incorporated into various "green" initiatives. Tests of commercial buildings show that they tend to be more leaky than the average house, based on air leakage per square foot of surface area. That means that commercial buildings are less energy efficient than the average house. To measure the actual airtightness of a large building means more air is needed to maintain a reasonable test pressure. The Energy Conservatory, a leader in airtightness testing, has kits available to directly measure more than 18,000 cubic feet per minute of air leakage. Multiple kits and fans can be used simultaneously to generate more air for accurate and reliable measurements of air leakage for testing before and after retrofitting.

Where's the leak? What's the best way to measure the airtightness level of building envelopes; diagnose and demonstrate air leakage problems, estimate natural infiltration rates and efficiency losses from building air leakage, and certify construction integrity. For more than 20 years, the Minneapolis Blower door has been recognized as the best designed and supported airtightness testing system in the world. The Minneapolis Blower Door is the system of choice for utility programs, energy raters, HVAC Contractors, builders, insulation contractors and weatherization professionals. Learn more>


  • Precision Engineered, Calibrated Fan
  • Accurate, Powerful 2 Channel Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge
  • Lightweight, Durable Aluminum Door Frame and Fabric Panel

Download product pdfs at or contact us at 612.827.1117 for diagnostic tools to measure building performance. For more information on multi-fan systems contact The Energy Conservatory or visit our website.

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