Chandler City Hall: Chandler, AZ

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Chandler P29
Bill Timmerman
The council chambers and office tower are shown at night. The council chamber “glass box” is lit by fixtures located in a cavity wall, giving a glowing effect.

A splashing outdoor water feature might seem like a frivolous luxury in a desert community like the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Ariz. But Chandler City Hall’s courtyard waterfall, part of a condenser graywater reuse system, is just one example of the project’s sustainable strategies that harness natural resources while conserving water and energy. The City Hall complex, which opened in 2010, is part of a project designed to spur development in the deteriorating downtown district and create an urban environment that attracts pedestrians. Passive shading strategies, a high performance envelope, daylighting and an underfloor air distribution system all contribute to the annual energy use intensity of 57 kBtu/ft2.

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