David & Lucile Packard Foundation Headquarters: Los Altos, CA

Graceful Inspiration
Packard P36
Jeremy Bitterman

For the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, a headquarters that operated on a net zero energy basis wasn’t enough. The foundation also sought to create a building that was attractive, innovative, healthy and comfortable. A 97% occupant satisfaction rate documents that it is possible to reach goals of energy neutrality without sacrificing comfort. The design incorporates principles of biophilia, connecting occupants to the outdoors in addition to interiors that feature natural materials. This project is one of 20 winners of a 2014 ASHRAE Technology Award. It also received the Award of Engineering Excellence, just the fourth project to receive the honor since the award’s creation in 1989.

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Categories: Adaptive Reuse, Daylighting – Light, Energy & Mechanical Systems, Envelope & Materials, Living Building Challenge, Office/Institutional