EMGP 270: Aubervilliers, France

Coloring Paris Nights

In the City of Light, Parisians can see the vivid spectrum of light emanating from nearby Aubervilliers. EMGP 270 is not only beautiful, but also provides a comfortable office working environment and sustainability as the first private commercial building certified under the High Environmental Quality (HQE®) Offices program, a French sustainable building certification program comparable to the USGBC LEED® program. Motion detectors regulate lighting in the lavatories. Motorized blinds automatically control incoming daylight. A light wall in the lobby gives 80% useful lighting. Chilled beams allow occupants to easily change an office to a meeting area.

View the PDF: 08Su-EMGP-270-Aubervilliers-France.pdf
Categories: Daylighting – Light, Glazing, Natural Ventilation, Office/Institutional