Products: What's New from AIA

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The expo floor was a hot spot of activity featuring more than 170,000 ft2 of booths, galleries and lounges and nearly 800 exhibiting companies.

Architectural Wall Systems
Sierra Pacific Windows has unveiled a new line of architectural wall systems, featuring all-wood interiors and load bearing structural integrity. The system’s glue-laminated beams can eliminate the need for steel beams. The energy-efficient systems are tested for air and water infiltration, as well as structural wind-load performance. Learn more

Air and Vapor Barrier
Firestone Building Products offers Enverge Air and Vapor Barrier, an asphalt-based, self-sealing wall barrier that provides energy savings and contributes to better air quality for building occupants. It is a sustainable option for building owners due to the reduced maintenance costs attributed to moisture and thermal control. Self-adhered installation with AVB is available in 40 mil or 25 mil thickness and the Thru-Wall flashing is available in 40 mil thickness. Learn more

Privacy Furniture
Borgo’s Privée furniture features enclosed canopies that wrap around the seating to ensure privacy and acoustic comfort. The interior canopy is padded with a sound-absorbing recycled composite of polyurethane. Applications include collaborative work spaces, offices, universities, common spaces and libraries. Learn more

Vertical Stack Fan Coil
The Whalen Company launches the WRX vertical stack fan coil, which features a slide-out chassis. By using a fan coil with a slide-out chassis, the time associated with maintenance and repair in occupied spaces is greatly minimized. Other benefits include reduced commissioning time, easier access to the drain pan and components, and a small footprint. Learn more

Ceiling System
Armstrong Ceiling Solutions’ SustainTM portfolio of high performance ceiling systems has the environmental characteristics and the documentation necessary to comply with the leading green building rating systems, including LEED® and the Living Building Challenge. Available in acoustical and metal ceiling panels and suspension systems, Sustain products offer architects and designers the flexibility to create beautiful and sustainable ceiling systems in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Learn more

Invisible Hinges and Door Frames
RENSON® announces its argenta® line of invisible hinge and door frame hardware. The invisible hinges promote a concealed aesthetic while enabling a 180° door opening, and a closed position that completely aligns with the surrounding interior wall. Sliding doors promote efficient use of space in smaller areas, while facilitating a clean and modern look that renders the doors virtually unnoticed while in an open position. Learn more

Reflective Vinyl Siding
​SolarDefense Reflective Technology™ from Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem offers advanced protection against fade and distortion. A proprietary formulation improves overall color and panel stability. With no painting or caulking needed, the technology protects a home with a better warranty and a much lower installation and lifetime ownership cost than other cladding materials, such as painted fiber cement or wood siding. Learn more

Insulated Wall System
Sto Corp., introduces StoTherm® ci XPS, which provides superior air and weather tightness and long-lasting thermal performance and durability. The new system incorporates StoGuard® liquid-applied air and moisture barrier and Dow STYROFOAMTM Panel Core 20 Insulation. This sustainable, high-performance wall system helps lower energy costs and reduces the carbon footprint of buildings. It also meets ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2010, the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) energy code requirements for continuous insulation. Learn more

Commercial Skylight
The new VELUX Dynamic Dome commercial skylights will balance light transmittance, industry structural demands, and architectural elegance while contributing significantly to reducing lighting costs. The product, which is slated to be launched in mid-July of 2016, uses basic dome geometry to direct more light into a structure. The sidewalls of the domes are engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods of the morning and evening. Dome height has been optimized to harvest more light and is higher than traditional commercial skylights. Learn more

Tinted Float Glass
Guardian Glass North America introduces Guardian CrystalBlueTM glass, a light blue glass that gives architects multiple options in achieving performance and aesthetic requirements. The product can be combined with SunGuard® low-e products, resulting in a range of energy performances along with high visible light transmission via an in-demand, blue color. It is available coated and uncoated at 6 mm thickness in a variety of sizes. Learn more

Extended-Sized Fire-Rated Glass
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain North America announces Keralite® extended-sized fire-rated glass ceramic products. The extended-size sheets increase the maximum height permissible for fire-rated windows, and are the largest fire-rated glass ceramic products available in the market. Keralite Standard, Keralite Select and Keralite Privacy fire-rated glass sheets now are available between 47 ¼ in. × 95 9/16 in., providing augmented daylighting options for glaziers and architects. Learn more

Air-Conditioning Control System
LG’s AC Smart IV BACnet Gateway combines a full-featured user interface with the open BACnet® protocol for integration between the LG air conditioning unit and various building automation systems. The product can be accessed from the web, a user-friendly 10.2 in. LCD touch screen or through the building automation system. The integrated central control and gateway is ideal for office buildings, schools and other commercial applications. Learn more

Insulated Metal Panels
Kingspan introduces IPN-QuadCore, a line of insulated metal panels that feature a new core material. The product delivers R-8 per inch—a 40% increase in aged thermal performance, which is guaranteed for 40 years. It is approved to FM 4882 for smoke sensitive occupancy and is a halogenated flame retardant-free system. Learn more

Building Controls
Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division announces a firmware update to its AE-200A Centralized
Controller. The update improves the functionality of building controls and helps maximize efficiency. One of the features of the firmware update is direct access to the BACnet® building management system, which provides numerous benefits for building owners and facility professionals. Learn more

Building Panel Attachments
Cladiators announces the Calor line, which includes complete solutions for pressure-equalized rainscreens, insulated thermal-break panel systems, interior installations and removable panel installations. Cladiators attachment system and components in the Calor line do not require routes or returns, resulting in reduced amount of required panel material; reduced fabrication and lead time for panel delivery to a job site; and reduced installation effort. Learn more

Building Enclosure Solutions
Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions from Owens Corning represents the first of many wall, below-grade and roofing applications the company plans to introduce. These solutions feature category-leading components from several manufacturers, including Owens Corning, that are tested to perform together in different wall assemblies. Learn more

Solid Surfaces
Durasein solid surfaces are made from 100% pure acrylic and offer a multitude of applications. It is non-porous with seamless joints, and resistant to bacteria, stains, fire, water, chemicals, heat and UV light, so it’s particularly useful for hospitals and health care centers, universities, food service and child care centers. It can also be used in custom fabrication and for residential needs such as sinks, countertops and tables. Learn more

Opening Glass Walls
NanaWall offers over 20 customizable framed and frameless opening glass wall systems to accommodate new workplace strategies and the need for increased flexible collaborative space. To adapt to varying traffic patterns and exit requirements, swing doors can be added and select systems are tested to 500,000 cycles to meet the demands of commercial environments. The products create solutions for offices, banks, auto showrooms, restaurants, hotels, retail storefronts, religious institutions, educational facilities, and many others. Learn more

Silicone Transition System
Dow Corning® offers a silicone transition system, a flexible, durable suite of silicone materials designed to help create flexible transitions between various types of air and water barriers and the curtainwall, storefront, or window being installed. The system has been proven to provide superior air infiltration, water penetration and performance due to the excellent adhesion capacity of the manufacturer’s specialty sealants. Learn more

Cloud-Based Specification Platform
ARCOM announces ARCOM One, a new software as a service (SaaS) platform for the A/E/C industry to create, organize, and collaborate on specifications and projects in the cloud. The system’s database-driven design simplifies the creation of specification documents and makes collaboration between project stakeholders easier and more flexible. The new platform allows architects, engineers and specifiers to build their specification documents using ARCOM’s MasterSpec, or to import documents from other specifications. Learn more

Wireless Daylight Sensor
MechoSystems’ battery-less wireless daylight sensor uses a special integrated solar-powered photosensor to monitor light coming through the curtainwall. It transmits data via EnOcean® radio frequency (RF) communication technology to a daylight controller to move roller shades in small offices and light commercial spaces. When connected to MechoSystems’ SolarTrac® WindowManagement control system, the sensor provides information for shade movement in large buildings with multiple zones. Learn more

Building Information Modelling Software
​GRAPHISOFT introduces ARCHICAD 20, building information modelling software for architects, home builders and designers. This new release makes seamless bidirectional geometry transfer possible, as well as translation of basic geometrical shapes into full building information modeling (BIM) elements while maintaining algorithmic editing functionality. Learn more

Privacy Shading Solutions
Mermet USA announces the expansion of its privacy shade collection with a refreshed Avila Twilight color line. Providing shading solutions with enhanced design flexibility, Avila Twilight is available in nine room-facing colors and is offered in fire-resistant rated commercial and residential options. Learn more

Power-over-Ethernet Lock
ASSA ABLOY introduces its IN220 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lock, combining superior aesthetics with the energy efficiency and streamlined architecture of PoE access control solutions. Available from group brands Corbin Russwin and SARGENT, the IN220 is a cost-effective, sustainable solution that leverages existing network infrastructure for enhanced security and easier installations. Learn more

Polyurethane Products
Polyurethane products from Covestro, such as those found in insulated metal panels, offer superior performance, dynamic aesthetics and sustainable attributes useful for direct-to-steel decks as well as roof and wall applications. Residential siding made of a polyurethane/glass composite using Covestro polyurethanes are lightweight, durable and strong, with the ability to be formed with a high-quality, wood-like finish. Learn more