Spectral Services Consultants Corporate Office: Noida, India

Daylight With Less Heat
Reception And Entrance

India is one of the world's top 10 energy consumers, and growth is expected around 6% annually over the next few years. However, Indian companies are working to cut energy consumption. The Spectral Services Consultants Corporate Office in Noida, India, achieves over 36% energy savings mainly by providing daylight to occupants throughout the day without gaining heat from the sun. Noida is located towards the north of India and close to Delhi. The climate in the area has an average temperature of 110oF in the summer, 95oF during monsoon season and 45oF in the winter. In a year, 90% of days are bright and sunny. The building takes advantage of more than 300 days of bright sunshine annually in Noida, India. Recessed windows with fins cut down on direct solar heat gain. More than 75% of the building's interior is daylit.

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