31 Tannery Project: Branchburg, NJ

Back to the Grid

What appears as an ordinary prefabricated building produces from renewable energy all the electricity needed to run an approximately 42,000 ft2 commercial facility for a full year. In addition, it produces a surplus of energy equivalent to a full month's electricity supply that is pushed out to the grid for others to use. Documented energy use for one year shows 31 Tannery Project generated more electricity from renewable energy than it consumed, making it a net zero commercial electric building. Grid-tied photovoltaics allow 31 Tannery to send surplus electricity supply to the grid for other companies to use. Ferreira constructed 31 Tannery with standard materials and readily available resources. The boiler plant operates in full condensing mode with 96% efficiency. A solar thermal system heats water for sinks, showers and a dishwasher, eliminating the need for fossil fuels. The standing seam metal roof of 31 Tannery holds 1,276 solar photovoltaic panels. Approximately nine miles of in-slab PEX tubing and 16 manifold headers serve 146 loops with 80 radiant zones.

View the PDF: 08Sp-31-Tannery-Project-Branchburg-NJ.pdf
Categories: Net Zero Energy, Office/Institutional, Photovoltaics