Author: Mary Kate McGowan, Associate Editor, News

Forecasting Trends for 2020

Industry players are fine-tuning solutions to help the green building community address environmental challenges and customer demands. From human-centric lighting to securing the building internet of things (IoT), industry players discuss what they are expecting from 2020.

Preparing Young Engineers for Industry Challenges

Fifteen years ago green design practices seemed a bit out there. Today, they have gone mainstream. Now, new ways to apply existing concepts, new industry partnerships, and new urgency to protect the environment has led to a new sort of…

Earning the Energy Grade

Every school day in the U.S., nearly 50 million students and about six million adults are in about 100,000 buildings. This massive amount of occupied space has a lot of opportunities for energy savings.

Greenbuild 2018 Connects Buildings, People

This year’s Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, presented by the U.S. Green Building Council, centered on the theme “Human X Nature,” representing how the green building movement helps people by making sustainable buildings and environments available to all while benefiting the natural environment.

Where are They Now?

Designing a building is a tough business. Months or years can be spent on one project, and then it is on to the next one. Often, designers know how the building performed during the first year of occupancy. But how do designers capture the lessons learned over time?

AHR Expo: To Be Bigger, More Innovative

Scheduled for Jan. 22 to 24 at McCormick Place in Chicago, the Show will be the biggest yet square footage-wise. At least 70,000 people are expected to attend the expo as visitors and exhibitors, a slight increase from the 68,000 people who participated in the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas

Strong Buildings, Resilient Communities

More than half—52%—of Americans live near a coast along a body of water. These locations near waterways provided convenient access to trade routes, but the nearness to water and its climatic effects and storms also challenge the cities’ infrastructures.