Building at a Glance – 749 University Row

Buildingataglance 749
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Building at a Glance
Name 749 University Row
Location Madison, Wis.
Owner University Crossing Investors and Krupp General Contractors
Principal Use Office
    Includes Dentist office, small enclosed parking
Employees/Occupants 190
Expected (Design) Occupancy 190
    Percent Occupied 100%
Gross Square Footage 85,000
    Conditioned Space 70,000
LEED Platinum Building Design + Construction: Core and Shell v3 – LEED 2009 (2014); LEED Platinum Interior Design + Construction: Commercial Interiors v3 – LEED 2009 (2015), for two of the tenant build-outs; Associated General Contractors Gold Award (for Green Construction)
Total Cost $18 million
    Cost per Square Foot $212
Substantial Completion/Occupancy 2013

Energy at a Glance
Annual Energy Use Intensity (EUI) (Site) 35 kBtu/ft2
    Electricity (Grid Purchase) 33.3 kBtu/ft2
    Natural Gas 1.8 kBtu/ft2
Annual Net Energy Use Intensity 35 kBtu/ft2
Annual Source (Primary) Energy 106.3 kBtu/ft2
Annual Energy Cost Index (ECI) $1.1/ft2
Carbon Footprint 76.1 metric tons CO2e
Percentage of Power Represented by Renewable Energy Certificates 37%
Heating Degree Days (Base 65˚F) 7,300
Cooling Degree Days (Base 65˚F) 630
Annual Hours Occupied 3,640

Water at a Glance
Annual Water Use 582,000 gallons

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