Building at a Glance – Brock Environmental Center

Photo by David Chance

Photo by David Chance

Building at a Glance
Name  Brock Environmental Center
Location  Virginia Beach, Va. (14 NE of Norfolk)
Owner  Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Principal Use  Office for staff and partners, meetings rooms for events
    Includes  Conference Center
Employees/Occupants  27
Expected (Design) Occupancy  27
    Percent Occupied  100%
Gross Square Footage 10,518    
Distinctions/Awards  Sustainable Building Project Award, American Planning Association, 2015; Engineering News-Record, Best of the Best Green Project, 2015; Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI), Award of Excellence–Mechanical Systems Design, 2016; Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI),
Award of Merit–Architectural Engineering Integration, 2016; Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI), Award of Merit–Electrical Systems Design, 2016
Total Cost  $4.3 million (excluding sitework)
    Cost per Square Foot $409
Substantial Completion/Occupancy 1/5/15

Energy at a Glance
Annual Energy Use Intensity (EUI) (Site)  14.12 kBtu/ft2
    Electricity (Grid Purchase)  0 kBtu/ft2
    Electricity (on-site Solar or Wind Installation)  14.12 kBtu/ft2·yr
Annual On-Site Renewable Energy Exported  11.686 kBtu/ft2
Annual Net Energy Use Intensity  –11.686 kBtu/ft2
Annual Source (Primary) Energy  14 kBtu/ft2
Annual Energy Cost Index (ECI)  $0.51/ft2
Annual Load Factor  23%
Savings vs. Standard 90.1-2007 Design Building  84.89%
ENERGY STAR Rating  100
Carbon Footprint  0 lb CO2e/ft2·yr
Heating Degree Days (Base 65˚F)  2,609
Cooling Degree Days (Base 65˚F)  2,030
Annual Hours Occupied  3,328

Water at a Glance
Annual Water Use  7,800 gallons


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