Building at a Glance – Corporation Hall

5 Image Buildingenvelope Corphall

Name: Corporation Hall

Location: Kalamazoo, Mich.

Owner: Catalyst Development

Principal Use: Mixed Use: Apartment and retail

Includes: Five residential tenant spaces, two retail tenant spaces (home furnishings and pharmacy), enclosed five-car garage

Expected (Design) Occupancy: 112 people

Percent Occupied: 100%

Gross Square Footage: 33,000 ft2

Conditioned Space: 30,274 ft2

Distinctions/Awards: 2015 ASHRAE Technology Award, Second Place (Commercial Buildings—Existing)

Substantial Completion/Occupancy: January 2013

When Built: 1876

Major Renovations: First a fire station, then City Hall, then a library, then a government building, then a department store that closed in 1965, then leases for several years before sitting vacant until this project (2013)

Renovation Scope: Complete gut of interior walls and floors; only building shell and structure remained

Total Renovation Cost: $6.6 million (includes site work and geothermal)

Cost per Square Foot: $200


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