Building at a Glance – Stevens Library at Sacred Heart Schools

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Building at a Glance

Name  Stevens Library at Sacred Heart Schools

Location  Atherton, Calif. (22 miles NW of San Jose and 30 miles SE of San Francisco)

Owner Sacred Heart Schools

Principal Use  Library for K-8 School Campus

Includes  Office, meeting room, counseling room, librarian work room, technology office, technology help desk area

Employees/Occupants  426

Expected (Design) Occupancy  450

Percent Occupied  95%

Gross Square Footage  7,200

Conditioned Space 6,300

Total Cost  (construction cost)  $2.4 million

Cost per Square Foot  $333.00

Substantial Completion/Occupancy  2012

Distinctions/Awards  First library in the U.S. and the first school building in California to achieve Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB). Certification from the International Living Future Institute, PG&E Zero Net Energy Pilot Project, targeted to achieve LEED Platinum and Petal Certification from the Living Building Challenge


Energy at a Glance

Annual Energy Use Intensity (EUI) (Site)  13.2 kBtu/ft2

Electricity (on-Site Solar or Wind Installation)  13.2 kBtu/ft2

Annual On-Site Renewable Energy Exported  17.6 kBtu/ft2

Annual Net Energy Use Intensity  –17.6 kBtu/ft2   

Savings vs. Standard 90.1-2007 Design Building  35% (modeled)

Percentage of Power Represented by Renewable Energy Certificates  School purchases RECs for whole campus.

Number of Years Contracted to Purchase RECs  Ongoing; currently two

Heating Degree Days (Base 65˚F)  2,164

Cooling Degree Days (Base 65˚F)  464

Hours Occupied  M–F 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.; often later for community events


Water at a Glance           

Annual Water Use  74% reduction


Check out the full case study here.

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