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Epsten Group, Inc.

Epsten Group, Inc.

Building at a Glance
Name The Edge, Epsten Group Headquarters
Location 399 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta
Owner Epsten Properties, LLC
Principal Use Offices
    Includes Server room, training room
Employees/Occupants 50
Expected (Design) Occupancy 50
    Percent Occupied 100%
Gross Square Footage 9,208
LEED-NC v2009 Platinum; LEED-EB O+M v4 Platinum; 4 Green Globes; Better Buildings Challenge Top Energy Saver
Substantial Completion/Occupancy Dec. 31, 2010/Feb. 1, 2011
When Built 1946
    Major Renovation 2009–2010
    Renovation Scope Major renovation of building interior; systems upgrades; envelope improvements; replaced windows; new roof monitor; new roof systems; vegetated roof systems; PV system; low-flow and no-flow restroom fixtures; new central connecting stair; low-emitting materials
Total Renovation Cost $990,000
     Cost per Square Foot $107

Energy at a Glance
Annual Energy Use Intensity (EUI) (Site) 33.7 kBtu/ft2
    Electricity (From Grid) 32.4 kBtu/ft2
    Renewable Energy (Solar) 1.3 kBtu/ft2
Annual Net Energy Use Intensity 31 kBtu/ft2
Annual Source (Primary) Energy 102.9 kBtu/ft2
Savings vs. National Median Source EUI 49% (Energy Star Portfolio Manager, 2015)
Carbon Footprint 54 metric tons CO2e/yr
Percentage of Power Represented by Renewable Energy Certificates 23% after applying on-site renewables contribution
    Number of Years Contracted to Purchase RECs 5
Heating Degree Days (Base 65˚F) 3,004
Cooling Degree Days (Base 65˚F) 1,823
Annual Hours Occupied 12 hrs/day M-F; 4 hrs/day Sat., Sun.

Water at a Glance
Annual Water Use 64,500 gallons (predicted), 46% below LEED baseline design

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