Building Envelope – 749 University Row

Buildingenvelope 749
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Building Envelope

Type Built-up roof on metal deck
Overall R-value R-30
Reflectivity Non-reflective (white roof not effective in this climate)

Type Metal panel and masonry over steel-frame backup; rigid insulation and liquid applied air barrier
Overall R-value R-18
Glazing Percentage 39%

Basement Wall Insulation R-value R-15

Effective U-factor for Assembly 0.32
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.28
Visual Transmittance 0.55

Latitude 43° N
Orientation The long axis of the building is 38° east of north, due to the orientation of the adjacent major street


Key Sustainable Features

Water Conservation Rainwater collection with 10,000 gallon tank and graywater system, low-flow fixtures, waterless urinals.

Recycled Materials Carpeting, concrete floors, structural steel, hollow metal doors, aluminum window system, glazing and ceiling tiles.

Daylighting Tall, optimally placed windows; sunscreens and open-weaved roller shades for glare control; fully dimming daylighting controls, toplighting for interior zones on top floor; many tenants have low or no cubicle walls.

Individual Controls Tunable lighting, operable thermostats in each zone (except common areas).

Transportation Mitigation Strategies Indoor, heated bike parking; individual showers; locker rooms; adjacent to 12 bus routes; car parking is shared with apartments across the street to limit space.

Other Major Sustainable Features Re-use of an abandoned site, dedicated outdoor air system and CO2 monitoring for higher indoor air quality, robust measurement and verification allowing for building research and dissemination.


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