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© Warren Jagger Photography

© Warren Jagger Photography


Building Envelope
Type In situ concrete with vapor control layer and 150 mm thermal insulation with three-coat mastic asphalt roof finish, finished with reflective paint finish and 20 mm pea gravel surface protection
Overall R-value 35
Type Render/stucco + curtainwall
Overall R-value 28
Slab Edge Insulation R-value 30
Basement Wall Insulation R-value NA
Basement Floor R-value NA
Under-Slab Insulation R-value 30
Effective U-factor for Assembly 0.32
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.35
Latitude 53.27N
Orientation NE/SW

Key Sustainable Features
Water Conservation Rainwater harvesting for 100% of flush fixture demand, dual-flush toilets and low-flow fixtures, low maintenance landscape requires no irrigation, porous paving, bioswales
Recycled Materials Concrete structure contains 30% slag, saving 3,221 GJ of energy
Daylighting 80% of occupied spaces are daylit, thin building at 70 ft wide, view corridors to allow daylight and views throughout the building
Individual Controls The office and write up zones are naturally ventilated with an upper window controlled by the building automation system and a lower window that is occupant controlled to allow them to adjust their thermal environment
Carbon Reduction Strategies Natural ventilation, high performance envelope, thermal sweater corridor to act as a buffer with larger temperature range, high performance lighting and equipment, "layered lab" zoned by high/low energy
Transportation Mitigation Strategies Twice the number of bicycle parking spaces are provided as car parking spaces, the project is located next to a campus park and ride facility and along a pedestrian bike/walk path connecting it to the main campus and Galway


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