Building Envelope – Stevens Library at Sacred Heart Schools

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Building Envelope           

Roof   White TPO roofing (white)

Type  Flat roof with high-efficiency roof-top solar photovoltaic panels

Overall R-value  R-38


Walls  Gyp board

Type  Metal stud framing centered at 24” with 1-inch thick rigid insulation added to the batt insulation between the studs

Overall R-value  R-15      


Windows   Color-neutral, low-e, double-glazed system with an inner lite of conventional clear glass.

Effective U-factor for Assembly  0.28

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)  0.28

Visual Transmittance  64%



Latitude  37.45°

Orientation  North-south; 30° of NE


Key Sustainable Features                                            

Water Conservation  Low-flow toilets, aerators on faucets, rainwater collecting system only source of water for eco-orchard irrigation, graywater collection for irrigation, drought tolerant planting, no potable water for irrigation.          

Recycled Materials  The site’s felled trees were milled for the reception desk; reclaimed stone from yards for counter top; recycled denim jean insulation.

Daylighting  Daylight is the main light source; daylight sensors; occupancy sensors; solar tubes, high performance lighting fixtures, and lowered footcandle level in design.

Individual Controls  Operable windows, ceiling fans, high-performing lights with daylight and occupancy sensors.        

Carbon Reduction Strategies  No gas, recycled material (embodied), good building envelope.

Stormwater Management  Bioretention areas, flow-through planters, pervious pavers, pervious concrete, and maximized landscape area manage a 25-year storm on site. 

Other Major Sustainable Features  Natural ventilation, displacement ventilation, low-flow water fixtures, Energy Star-rated equipment, interactive energy monitoring screens, harvested wood from felled trees on the site used to make the main reception desk of the library.   

Check out the full case study here.

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