WaterHub at Emory University: Atlanta

As water resources grow increasingly taxed and scarce in communities across the U.S., an Atlanta university is turning to an unlikely resource to reduce its drinking water demand: the local sewer. The WaterHub at Emory University turns waste into a resource, recycling wastewater via an ecological treatment facility–the first of its kind in the U.S. Its sustainable treatment process sets an example of how adaptive technology can be used to meet water needs while reducing water costs.

Atlanta's Water Woes - WaterHub

Metropolitan Atlanta has become emblematic of 21st century water issues, with its 20-year legal battle between Georgia, Florida and Alabama over its drinking water source (known as the “Tri-state Water Wars”); $4 billion consent decrees with EPA mandating improvements to…

Lessons Learned - WaterHub at Emory University: Atlanta

Know what’s going down your drains, and when. We have a lot of lab space tied to the sewer shed from which we’re pulling, so invest the time up front to interview the researchers and understand what types of chemicals…