Energy at a Glance – Federal Center

3 Federalcenter

Annual Energy Use Intensity (EUI) (Site): 33.3 kBtu/ft2 (25.7 kBtu/ft2 adjusted)
Natural Gas: 3.4 kBtu/ft2
Electricity (From Grid): 29.9 kBtu/ft2

Annual Source Energy: 103.4 kBtu/ft2

Annual Energy Cost Index (ECI): $0.63/ft2

Savings vs. Standard 90.1-2007 Design Building: 33%

ENERGY STAR Rating: 99

Carbon Footprint: 6.2 lb CO2e/ft2 · yr

Percentage of Power Represented by Renewable Energy Certificates: 71%
Number of Years Contracted to Purchase RECs: One year

Heating Degree Days (base 65°F): 4,214

Cooling Degree Days (base 65°F): 433

Annual Hours Occupied: 2,070

Note: EUI is based on conditioned space of 188,587 ft2. When the EUI is adjusted for plug loads and operation outside of the hours agreed upon during the design, the EUI is 25.7 kBtu/ft2. Energy use is expected to increase when the building is fully occupied largely due to increases in plug loads.

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