Guilford County Schools: Greensboro, NC

Lighting the Way

A 70 million-year-old Mosasaur fossil, an extinct marine reptile that lived in a sea that existed in central North America, is displayed in the main entry hall of Northern Guilford Middle School. A reminder of the impacts of climate change, the display reinforces the objective of creating the school as a teaching tool. Northern Guilford Middle School's design provides environmental and educational benefits. White single-ply roofing increases reflected light into the clerestories at Reedy Fork. North-facing clerestory in Northern Guilford's media center. Curved, translucent lightshelves enhance daylighting in Reedy Fork's science room. Despite studies to the contrary, green buildings are perceived to cost much more than conventional buildings. However, by using whole-building, whole-site approaches to both projects, Northern Guilford Middle and Reedy Fork Elementary prove that sustainability does not need to cost more.

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Categories: Daylighting – Light, Educational, IEQ, Rainwater Harvesting