Indian Springs Discovery Center: White Lake, MI

All About Water
Indian Springs 1
Justin Maconochie Photography, Courtesy of SmithGroup

Revealing the thriving ecosystem that exists below the water's surface is the purpose of Indian Springs Metropark's Environmental Discovery Center. An underwater viewing room, capped by an 18,000 lb acrylic dome, provides a window to the depths of a 1.7 acre pond. The first underwater pond-viewing room in Michigan helps the center to draw hundreds of visitors weekly to the restored wetlands and ecosystems of the 2,215 acre Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Park. Lighting illuminates the underwater classroom, making it visible from above. After heating or cooling the building, geothermal by-product water fills the building's 1.7 acre wetland pond. The environmental studio provides a place to study information gathered on-site. Water used on-site is directed to adjacent wetlands, returning to the ground and the aquifer from which the water originated.

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