Key Sustainable Features – BioInnovation

6 Bioinnovation

Water Conservation: Domestic potable water use 40% below baseline through the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures. Landscaping and water features fed from captured rainwater.

Recycled Materials: By value: 30% of building material content is recycled, 25% of materials were regionally sourced (within 500 miles), and 79% of construction waste was diverted from landfill.

Daylighting: 75% of occupied spaces have access to daylight and views.

Individual Controls: Each standard lab unit (~1,000 ft2) has individual control of ventilation, temperature, and lighting, with the energy consumption associated with each lab unit individually sub-metered. Targeted ventilation strategy allows all of the airflow needed, but only when and where it is needed.

Carbon Reduction Strategies: Envelope uses hybrid thin-wall (2 in.) precast concrete on light-gauge steel frame.

Transportation Mitigation Strategies: Located on a major transit thoroughfare with five transit lines, WalkScore of 94/100. Bike commuter showers each floor. Electric vehicle station.

Other Major Sustainable Features: “Working” water feature, bioswales, pervious paving over crushed stone water storage base allow 96% of rainfall over 20 year period to be handled on site.

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