Key Sustainable Features – Bud Clark Commons

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Water Conservation: 100% of storm water managed on site; overall water use reduced by over 33%.

Recycled Materials: Over 10% of all materials are recycled, including fly ash in concrete, carpet, aluminum, countertops, and steel. 15% of all materials were regionally harvested and manufactured to reduce embodied energy. Rapidly renewable materials include cotton insulation, rubber base, and linoleum flooring.

Daylighting: 100% of the primary residential and program areas are day-lit. Overall, 93% of all buildings spaces use daylight as the primary light source.

Individual Controls: High-efficiency lighting is controlled by switches and timers rather than occupancy sensors due to the potential disturbance occupancy sensors could cause this specific population.

Transportation Mitigation Strategies: Estimated percent of occupants using alternative transportation: 40%

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