The Solaire: New York, NY

NYC's Living Lesson

NYC's Living Lesson

For the 700 residents of the Solaire, New York high-rise living is providing a green culture that has set new standards with New York building agencies. It also shows the importance of recommissioning to fine-tune efficiency — information that already has been incorporated into two new, similar buildings near the Solaire. The Solaire features 3,400 ft2 of custom-laminated and standard photovoltaic modules. The rooftop garden incorporates a storm water retention system. The Solaire's water treatment plant uses a process of digestion, membrane filtration and ultraviolet disinfection. Solaire's wastewater treatment facility processes 30,000 gallons per day of black water from building occupants and reuses it in cooling towers and to flush toilets in both the Solaire and its sister building, the Verdesian.

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