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Golden Hill Office Center: Lakewood, CO

Golden Hill Office Center is a 1980s building that outperformed conventionally designed office buildings of the era with respect to energy use. Twenty-eight years later, Golden Hill continues to outperform the majority of contemporary office buildings. In fact, the original systems still work so well that Golden Hill was awarded a 99 ENERGY STAR rating in 2010.

Temperature Control Faucet

Sloan introduces the Senso electronic hand washing faucet with an illuminated rainfall pattern of water. Users may set the water temperature by adjusting the faucet's feather-light touch sensors, which are lit with red or blue LEDs to indicate temperature. The…

Vacuum Curtain Wall

BISEM-USA offers the Vacuum Wall system, a structurally glazed unitized curtain wall that uses vacuum insulation technology for air and water resistance and structural, seismic and thermal performance. The system uses insulation technology from Dow Corning and low-e glass from…

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