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Weather Sealant

Rubber Roofing

Safety Shade

Home Automation

The OmniPro II Security & Automation system from HAI by Leviton coordinates security, lighting, HVAC, and audio/video


Flush Valve

Ventilation Fan

VCU Cary Street Gym: Richmond, VA

The structure that houses Virginia Commonwealth University's (VCU) Cary Street Gym could be a poster child for the concept of adaptive reuse.

Lighting Acoustic Panels

Sensor Faucet


Flow Meter

Bench Radiators

Rainwater: The Untapped Resource

Energy and water are inextricably linked. Roughly one quad of energy per year could be saved in the United States if we reduced water consumption by 10%.

Designing Efficient Lighting

Office, retail and service buildings are the largest consumers of energy in the U.S., and between 44% and 59% of that energy is consumed by lighting.

Prefab Wall Elements

Solar Space Heating


Large Format Acoustic Panels

Thermochromic Window Layers

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Building Energy Quotient

Improve Your Building's Bottom Line

Determine your building's potential energy efficiency with an As Designed evaluation. Powered by ASHRAE.
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